Parisi Speed School has been developing training techniques to improve speed and agility in young athletes for 25+ years. With 100+ locations in the United States and worldwide, 650,000+ athletes and over 130 NFL Draft Picks have used the proven Parisi Training System to build their athletic skills, making us the leader in safe youth sports performance training.

Jump Start

Audience:        Ages 7-11

Age groups split up 7-9 and 10-11

Focus:  Sets an early athletic foundation

The Parisi Jump Start Program is taught by certified Parisi Performance Coaches and utilizes the most up-to-date research to build a young athlete’s physical foundation and improve their coordination and self-esteem.

The Jump Start Program has been proven to enhance:

  • Coordination
  • Running Technique
  • Body Weight Strength
  • First Step Quickness
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Confidence

Jump Start is a must for any young person who wants to develop foundational athletic skills that will help them rise above their competition.

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Total Performance

Audience:       Ages 12-16

Age groups split up 12-14 and 15-16

Focus:  Signature programming that provides maximum, foundational improvement to support athletic performance

The Parisi Total Performance Program utilizes the most up-to-date research on safe athlete training techniques and injury prevention as it foundation. This program uses our signature speed and strength training methods and cutting-edge coaching techniques from certified Parisi Performance Coaches to produce maximum improvements in athletic performance.

At this level, programming is broken down into an individual focus per session. These are:

  • Linear Speed: Parisi’s signature straight-ahead acceleration and top-speed running techniques.
  • Multi-Directional Speed: Agility and ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly.
  • Upper and Lower Body Strength: Strength training exercises for muscle development and injury prevention.

This program builds on an athlete’s physical foundation and refines their skills in order for them to maximize their strength, aerobic and/or sport-specific training.

Parisi Pee Wees

A Little Speedsters Program

Audience:      Ages 4-6

Focus: Motor skill development, problem-solving, athletic movement, self-esteem building.

Parisi Pee Wee classes teach fundamental athletic movements to children 4-6 years old.

This class integrates age-appropriate educational strategies with motivational coaching.

This class will meet two times per week and is a stepping stone to sports performance.

Tuesday 4:30- 5:15

Thursday 4:30-5:15

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